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TEREZA'S Apartments

Kalogria beach
Ditiki Mani

Tereza’s Apartments is a family-run business that already has 35 years’ experience in hospitality. The rooms, recently renovated, have views of the turquoise waters of Kalogria beach, with direct access to the sea, via a private, short footpath, from the courtyard of the premises. At sunset, guests can enjoy sitting on their balcony, watching the enchanting colours of the Mani sun, as it sets into one of the most beautiful seas of western Mani, in the waters of which flows fresh water from Mount Taygetos, its imposing form dominating the beach.

The location also offers immediate access to a multitude of other catering businesses, with a high level of service and culinary delights, such as Almyriki tavern, located on the other side of Kalogria beach. In short, guests do not need a vehicle to travel anywhere, and can enjoy the tranquillity and simplicity of a lifestyle that is a far cry from the fast and demanding rhythms of everyday life. And it is precisely this tranquillity that calms the spirit, body and mind, which is the most special feature of our place.

Apartments Facilities in all rooms



Sea view

All rooms have a view to the sea and the sunset.



Apart from all this, it goes without saying that all rooms are equipped with individual appliances, such as a fridge, a kettle, a coffee maker and a hair dryer, and there are additional amenities, like our collection of books.

Most apartments also have hotplates, and a baby cot can be fitted on request.

TEREZA'S Apartments